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NOTE: colonies have a few 100 boosted workers. At least 50 own workers and own pupa larva and eggs. these queens were caught as fresh queens last nuptial flight and boosted


kolonies hebben een paar 100 gebooste werksters. Minstens 50 eigen werksters en eigen poppen larve en eitjes. deze koninginnen zijn afgelopen bruidsvlucht gevangen als verse koninginnen en geboost.



Origin: Europe

Habitat: forests

Colony type: polygynous

Gyne Size: 9mm - 11mm

Size workers: 6mm - 7mm

Food: Insects, sugars, etc

Humidity: 50 – 60%

Temperature: 21 - 24 degrees

Hibernation: yes, from the end of October to the end of March at 5 - 8°C

Colony type: needs donor workers and needs food when founding

Colony size: up to 100,000 workers

Level of difficulty: 4/5

Formica rufa

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